AGUA - Automated Systems for Soil, Irrigation & Weather Monitoring.

Web based Automated Systems for Soil, Irrigation & Weather Monitoring.

AGUA is an empowering web based system that allows you to always accurately know the moisture, salinity and temperature levels of soil, using a combination of world-class sensors and reporting interfaces.

This allows you to have complete overview, right dow to the square centimeter, about the health of your land, so you can employ best practice to make every drop of water count.

With this knowledge you can deploy your irrigation assets with the assurance that your resources and water usage is being used to peak effectiveness and efficiency.

Information is continuous with telemetry systems Easy to understand information displays are accessible by any web-linked computer or pocket PC
‘Point & Click’ access to informative graphical displays ‘Aerial View’ soil moisture displays for complete overview of soil moisture
An integrated system of soil moisture, salinity and temperature sensors Full ‘Penman Monteith’ ETo capable weather stations or individual weather sensors as required
Irrigation operation and flow sensors We are committed to supporting our network of agents, to help them offer the best solution for their customers
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